The VIC Fellows Program was created as a mechanism through which individuals with specific expertise can learn about and be involved in the process of identifying and evaluating promising life science innovation from universities, institutes and national labs around the world, as well as the myriad steps involved in forming and supporting new companies created to develop these assets.

Candidates may be at various phases in their careers, including graduate students (PhD, MD, MBA), postdoctoral fellows, or early-career professionals. Ideally, they can provide either technical or business acumen in the broadly-defined life science space, aligning with specific types of technologies  (e.g. therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, instrumentation, tools, etc.) and/or with defined therapeutic areas (e.g. cardiovascular, CNS, immune and inflammatory, infectious disease, oncology, orthopedics, respiratory, etc.). Optimally, they should be located in or near a current or planned VIC regional office (Albuquerque, NM; Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Boulder, CO; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Fayetteville, AR; Houston TX; Phoenix, AZ; Seattle, WA) where they will work in close concert with the Managing Director.

Examples of responsibilities Fellows may assume include:

  • Interface with the technology transfer offices at their respective university or in their region to present the VIC model and investment approach, and source candidate technologies fitting our thesis
  • Assist with screening of these opportunities by collecting and synthesizing relevant materials such as intellectual property, scientific publications, external market reports, subject matter input, inventor presentations, etc
  • Provide detailed input on the strengths and weaknesses of the investment candidate to the Opportunity Assessment team
  • Participate in the creation of the investment candidate summary for presentation to the VIC Board of Directors
  • Report to the interim CEO, serve as a resource for newly-formed companies by creating various materials, such as operating plans, investor presentations, marketing collateral, grant applications, and so on

Individuals accepted as VIC Fellows will be expected to spend roughly 10 hours per week for a one-year period, performing the aforementioned tasks on behalf of the program. In return, they will receive a modest stipend as well as equity in portfolio companies established as the result of their efforts. Beyond on-the-job training, a series of subject-matter focused seminars will be offered on topics ranging from due diligence, intellectual property evaluation, competitive landscape assessment, product development planning, and market modeling.

Requirements for consideration are:

  • PhD, MD or MBA in progress or completed
  • Demonstrated passion for nurturing life science innovation
  • Record of achievement in the advancement in technologies in research and/or commercial settings
  • Genuine desire to learn
  • Ability to achieve objectives and create deliverable with minimal supervision
  • Proactive communicator and avid networker
  • Excellent writing skill

To apply to the VIC Fellows program,
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VIC Fellows Alumni 2020/2021 Class

Current Affiliation:
Assistant Professor at University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute

Current Affiliation:
Biodesign Fellow Texas Medical Center

Current Affiliation:
Technology and Research Analyst at Roche

Current Affiliation:
Research Assistant Professor at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Current Affiliation:
Commercialization Manager University of Louisville