Who are you? ​

Professors, post-docs, graduate students and unaffiliated inventors who have created promising innovation in the life science space, but don’t have the time or the expertise to pursue the myriad steps needed to move the technology towards commercialization.

Each year, the US federal government awards $120b in R&D funding, primarily to universities, government institutes and national labs. Unfortunately, limited sources of capital required to bridge the chasm between basic research and commercial development significantly inhibits the ability to create new, life-saving products from this vast pool of innovation. The VIC Model directly addresses this bottleneck.

For technology transfer offices or TTOs, a major challenge is connecting the right resources to innovation developed by their researchers. VIC prides itself on creating long-term alliances in which both parties understand what they do and—just as importantly—don’t do, and readily work in concert to identify high-impact investment opportunities.