Danielle France, PhD

VIC Fellow

Danielle France is a scientist and biotech entrepreneur fascinated by emerging biotechnologies and their path to meaningful impact. As a researcher she looked for details that make or break an experiment or a new technology. As an entrepreneur she brought technology out of the lab and onto the path to market. She can ask the tough questions that determine if it’s time to take that first brave step on the path to commercialization.

During 15 years in biophysics and microbiology research, Danielle worked with a sustainable energy startup in microbial coal methanogenesis, showed the potential of “material probiotics” for preventing steel corrosion, and invented a new technology for sensing nanomechanical movements of bacteria. That technology formed the basis of a company pursuing a 2-hour phenotypic antimicrobial susceptibility test for urinary tract infections. In her role as co-founder and CEO, Danielle combined business development with her hands-on expertise in wet lab microbiology, data acquisition, and data analysis in order to drive technology development. Danielle holds a BS in biomedical engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and a PhD in biological engineering from MIT.