Gregory Tucker, PhD

VIC Fellow

Gregory Tucker, PhD obtained a Doctorate in Chemistry from the School of Molecular Sciences at Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Science from Tennessee State University. He is a professional chemist specializing in the synthesis and characterization of ionic liquids, molten salts, and solid-state compounds with research expertise in the biochemical, inorganic, materials, and energy-related areas. Dr. Tucker is a co-inventor with the Angell Lab Group on multiple issued U.S. patents for creating novel chemical compositions of matter for batteries and fuel cell technologies as potential power sources ranging from stationary systems, mobile devices, electric vehicles, and etc. He is a recent inductee into the National Academy of Inventors and one of the latest recipients of the ASU Laboratory Innovation Metals. In addition, he serves as a local liaison with the Central Arizona Section of the American Chemical Society. Lastly, Greg has been an integral partner with start-up teams, having launched various entrepreneurial ventures and one company being recognized by the Arizona House of Representatives as Small Business-of-the-Year in District #27 of Central Phoenix.