Matthew Leming, PhD

VIC Fellow

Matthew Leming is a former bench scientist who now serves as a strategic advisor for healthcare focused startup companies. He has 10 years of experience in basic science research with 10 peer reviewed publications in journals ranging from BMC Genomics, Journal of Neuroscience, and Scientific Reports. This is complimented by more than six years of direct healthcare focused startup project management and technology transfer experience. This experience was gained at the University of Notre Dame where he received his PhD in Biology, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where he did his postdoctoral training and worked in tech transfer, and, most recently, the Texas Medical Center Accelerator, a program that is rated silver by the Accelerator Seed Rankings Project. Along the process he has had the opportunity to sit on every side of the entrepreneurial table. Matthew has a breadth of experience in commercialization projects ranging from academic to commercial translation, mobile health platforms, medical devices, and drug discovery. His passion truly lies in the commercialization of medical innovations.