Yun Li, PhD

Director - New Mexico Branch

Yun Li, PhD, Managing Director VIC New Mexico Branch, Dr. Li is serving as interim CEO of Nob Hill Therapeutics. Her multifaceted professional career spans from R&D and global program management in Fortune 500 companies to technology commercialization/startup and business consulting.

In 2006, she started a consulting firm in business and professional development. In this capacity, she assisted a wide range of companies in building commercialization strategies and capabilities, clarifying value propositions, defining applications/markets, building teams, and raising capital. She is a founding member of five technology startups.

Dr. Li is an advocate for international collaboration in technology commercialization and is deeply immersed in the US-China collaboration ecosystem. She was a board member of Startup New Mexico and serves on the board of advisors at Technology Venture Corporation.

Dr. Li graduated from Tsinghua University, China, with a BS in Electrical Engineering and a MS in Nuclear Physics. She received her PhD in Materials Science from Arizona State University.

Portfolio Company Affiliation

Interim CEO of Nob Hill Therapeutics

Interim CEO of Filtravate