Technology Solutions

For A Better World

Our mission is to form and grow life science and emerging technology companies that shape the future by bringing innovative discoveries from research labs to commercial deployment

VIC Approach

We bring world changing technologies to commercial fruition

VIC’s novel business model manages risks, provides higher upsides, and lowers capital burn rates.

Portfolio Development

Maximize the opportunity for startup success

An important element of VIC’s business model is that it enables the technical team in each newly formed startup to focus tightly on product development, while VIC’s seasoned business development team manages the demands of financing and growing the business.

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Our Portfolio Companies

Companies built from the ground up based on high impact technologies exclusively licensed from top research institutions around the world

Each new VIC portfolio company receives a $250,000 seed investment from the VIC Investor Network (VIN)

 Technology Licensing Managers

Contact VIC to see how we can help you realize the commercial value of your technologies with a higher success rate and a faster time to market. We assemble world-class teams, bring in the capital, and build the companies for success from the ground up.

Subject Matter Experts

Experts in medical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, and emerging technology areas such as deep learning, smart instrumentation, advanced materials, and cleantech: Contact VIC to see how you can be involved with a rapidly growing pipeline of new opportunities.

Accredited Investors

Contact VIC for investment opportunities in companies with world class technologies and teams and at all stages of company development. Risk management and diversification and exceptional vetting with opportunities to be involved.

At VIC, we develop companies based on transformative technologies. These technologies help create a sustainable, healthy future for people around the world. In short, we create companies that provide Technology Solutions for a Better World

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