Why VIC?

Let’s face it, making the jump from basic research to product development is daunting, and finding the resources (funding, personnel, expertise) to do so has become increasingly difficult.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that VIC doesn’t invest in pre-existing companies. We identify, and either option or license technologies, directly from universities, institutes, national labs (and sometimes independent inventors) around the world, creating new portfolio companies to develop and commercialize the innovation  or, if the given technology is pre-mature for private equity investment, placing them in the VIC Foundry for more development.

New portfolio companies are provided $250k-$500k in initial seed funding with our Managing Directors serving as interim CEOs for the first 18-24 months. VIC also provides shared back-office support across the portfolio, including accounting, marketing, HR, etc., resulting in much more efficient use of capital. The scientific inventors often participate as CMO/CSO/CTO, and/or as a Scientific Advisor. Importantly, the inventor doesn’t need to leave his current position to move his invention down the path towards product reality but, instead, has the support of a complete, experienced, “done it before” team driving the innovation toward commercial realization.  In addition, VIC personnel have an excellent track record of raising non-dilutive grants (such as SBIRs) from various federal agencies, which are used to supplement private investment. Often, some portion of grant funding received is subcontracted to the inventor’s research lab.

If you have developed an innovative technology that falls within our primary areas of interest (therapeutics, vaccines, medical devices, diagnostics, and materials) with some level of patent protection, please submit your information by clicking the button below.